About Our Driving School

Around Maidenhead in Berkshire we are female instructors and a reputable automatic driving school. Quality lessons in an automatic car are conducted on a individual basis. All training is designed specifically to ways that you learn and perform best.

Each lesson is provided in a very professional way. Instruction is clear, well organised and takes place in a positive, friendly and comfortable environment for learning.

The prices of our lessons reflect both the quality and successes we have with our services. High standards of tuition aims leads to less lessons and quicker passes. Discounted rates are available for block bookings.

Experience training in a new car which is both easy and enjoyable to drive. Your instructors will keep track of your progress, set aims and objectives alongside giving your regular feedback on how you are doing with your automatic lessons.

Maidenhead Automatic Driving School teaches people at beginner, intermediate and advanced stages of learning to drive. Nervous drivers are very welcome. We consistently aiming to make driving a good rewarding experience for all learners.

Your instructor can collect you from your home, work or an location around Maidenhead which is suitable.

Start motoring with safe fun automatic car instruction locally in Maidenhead.