Driving Lessons

All of your car tuition with one to one services. Lessons are made fun, effective and covers all the information required for driving an automatic car safely towards test success.

Driving Lessons With Automatic Cars

We have a selection of affordably priced driving courses. We teach learners at the novice, intermediate and near test standard stages.

From us, all learner drivers get full theory test and practical car test guidance. These use the latest resources helping people to become better drivers on the roads around Maidenhead in Berkshire.

Learner Driver Lessons

If your are about to start your first driving lesson in a car you can expect a quality service from a fully qualified automatic driving instructor. They will make you feel at ease. From the very beginning everything receive expert well organised and presented training behind the wheel.

Starting with the basics on a quite road, you will get suitable guidance thought to taking your test.

For pupils who already have some experience, your instructor will establish and starting point to suit your level of driving and knowledge.

Learning how to drive in safety goes further than passing your driving test. From Maidenhead Automatic Driving School we offer custom training to put you on the road as a competent safe driver. Motivated instructors are ready to offer you fun training which is very rewarding and gets impressive results.

intensive driving courses

In a hurry to pass your test and get your full driving licence? If so, take intensive driving lessons in Maidenhead from a specialist instructor.

Learning with an intensive driving course enable people to significantly speed up the time it take to learn. These lessons are carried out over 5 days to weeks depending on your ability and availability.

All intensive from our team are tailored to each persons unique requirements.

Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus driving course is useful for drivers. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency introduced this scheme to improve the safety of drivers especially new or experienced ones.

Within 12 months of passing a driving test, new drivers are more at risk of being involved in an accident whilst on the road.

Pass plus goes a long ways to reducing driver risk by improving skills and awareness. When you finish this driving course you could receive a discounted motoring insurance premium.

There is no test at the end of Pass Plus. There are 6 modules and once you have reached the required standards in each module you will get your certificate.

Refresher Car Tuition

If you are an already qualified driver looking for some guidance a few refresher driving lessons can help to brush up your skills. A refresher is a good option for someone who has not driven in quite a while, for nervous drivers or if you have recently been in an accident. As well as keeping you updated with the Highway Code, an instructor can show you how to drive on motorways, reverse the car, build your confidences and deal other traffic plus more.

Contact Maidenhead Automatic and drive yourself forward towards success in Maidenhead.