Why Drive Automatic

Quite simply, learning to drive in an automatic car is significantly easier than a manual one. There is less to do for the driver and it provides more relaxed motoring experience in traffic.

Automatic cars have what is commonly known a automatic transmission. This system changes the gears automatically when in is needed. The system also prevents the engine from stalling and has a function called ‘creep’ which makes moving off uphill easy preventing rolling back.

Where a manual car has 3 pedals, an automatic only has 2 pedals. These are an accelerator and brake.

Whilst you learn to drive you will not have to worry about when to change gears. Instead, just concentrate on the other things requires to become a good safe driver.

If you are or have been having trouble with those gears, clutch or stalling the engine let a Maidenhead automatic driving instructor show you how easy driving a car can be.

Here are some key driving advantages of taking lessons the automatic way :

  • Less lessons needed leading to less learning costs
  • Quicker, easier to learn and automatic vehicles are enjoyable to drive.
  • Concentrate on the road and learning routines better.
  • Build confidence sooner
  • Easily move off and stop the car without stalling it.
  • Fit in with traffic smoothly

Things such as junctions, roundabouts and moving away uphill are all made easier. Often learners are happily surprised at what that achieve in such a short time with automatic driving tuition.

To have a friendly chat about learning with an automatic car, give us call on 0800 0873373